DROSTE BEJAH has years of experience in finishing products. After the products have undergone the desired operations, DROSTE BEJAH can finish, along with its partners in the region, according to the customers wishes.

Crome & Zinc

Until the year 2000, DROSTE BEJAH has galvanized house internally. Meanwhile, we have found a very good partner for chromium and zinc in the region that can meet the high quality standards of the company. A modern fully automated electroplating plant provides nickel, chromium, Pearl- or titan finishing to the highest standards.

An advanced powder coating facility directly in the region of DROSTE BEJAH creates a finish in any color. Just like electroplating, this finish guarantees a perfetcte optical finish and a high corrosion resistance.

Electroplating and Powdercoating

The Electroplating process results, in combination with a zinc phosphating process, a high corrosion protection. Its dense, smooth and thin paint Electroplating is the ideal first primer for a powder coating.

PVC sheathing tube

DROSTE BEJAH cares home internally by the so-called "PVC heating tube" which, so electrical engined end products have appropriate security isolation. In addition, the PVC casing gives an extra touche to the final product (soft grip). Hosting en Design Site to Edit CMS