DROSTE BEJAH is all around in metalworking. DROSTE BEJAH strives to continually adapt to the ever-increasing demands from the market: after all, more and more emphasis on efficient pricing quality, absolute delivery reliability and flexibility are placed to respond to particular needs and requirements.

A machine park, that is adapted to the latest technique is therefor essential. DROSTE BEJAH has that. Our aim is to be your optimum partner, if it concerns quality products, sharp delivery times and competitive prices.

DROSTE BEJAH is specialized in

tube bending  and welded assemblies.

DROSTE BEJAH controls all processes in metal working area. These processes consist of:



engineering DROSTE BEJAH

DROSTE BEJAH has its own engineering department. From this department any product or part finds its way through the logistics process within the company. read more



DROSTE BEJAH has a fully automatic sawing- and
deburring unit . The Adige TT640 has a fast , high-quality cutread more......


Tube bending

CNC buis buigen DROSTE BEJAH

The specialism of DROSTE BEJAH is bending tube. WE! CAN BEND IT. DROSTE BEJAH is a tube bending specialist who produces according to customer specifications in small, medium and large series for related OEM customers. For the manufacturing DROSTE BEJAH has a highly advanced machines. read more......


Punching & Stamping

Ponsen en Stansen DROSTE BEJAH

DROSTE BEJAH has an extensive range of punching machines and tools . We punch up to 65Ton .read more.....

Welded assemblies


DROSTE BEJAH has concerning welding an extensive knowledge and many professional solutions. Our welders and welding machines , robots all are certifiedread more......




DROSTE BEJAH has years of experience in finishing products. After the products have undergone the desired operations DROSTE BEJAH can coordinate the finish , along with its partners in the region,read more.......



Assemblage en Montage DROSTE BEJAH

Assembling work is often labor intensive , however many customers ask us to deliver the produced parts as semi-finished or assembled finished productread more ......



DROSTE BEJAH has a Quality Management System (ODP 2014) developed and implemented to ensure that its products and services comply to the stringent production requirements requested by customersread more......



For the production of the multiple products, a large assortment of machines and tools is necessary.

DROSTE BEJAH has an sophisticated machine park like hydraulic and mechanical bending machines (CNC), 3D bending machines, fully automatic sawing machines, CO2-welding robots, electric welding machines, eccentric and hydraulic presses and several specific production cells.

In this way quality products are manufactured and those come up to your strictest expectations. To obtain this level the machine park has to be continuously renewed. Moreover our quality management ensures monitoring of the quality of the products during the process. Hosting en Design Site to Edit CMS